Other Survival Websites

Here is a list of other great survival websites with tons of information related to survival and prepping. The ranking is not really based on anything other than what I have stumbled upon in my research and in being a part of the online survival and prepping community. If you have other suggestions, feel free to let me know. However, be aware that I am only listing 20 sites here right now. i might expand the list to 30 or 40 some day, but I just wanted to start with 20:

  1. Survival Blog
  2. SHTF Plan
  3. Urban Survival
  4. The Survival Podcast
  5. The Ready Store
  6. The Survivalist Blog
  7. Doom And Bloom
  8. Prepper Website
  9. Preparedness Pantry
  10. Willow Haven Outdoor
  11. Off Grid Survival
  12. Modern Survival Blog
  13. The Survival Mom
  14. Survival Cache
  15. Modern Survival Online
  16. American Preppers Network
  17. Backdoor Survival
  18. Survival Monkey
  19. Ready Nutrition
  20. My Family Survival Plan
  21. Dan’s Depot

This list of other survival websites is not exhaustive. There are many more great survival websites, but I just don’t have time to list them all. As I mention over and over on this site, the key to prepping and survival is learning all that you can. You will not learn all that you need to know from just one website or blog. I hope you research all of these websites and that you discover other great ones. The first website on the list created by Jim Rawles is my favorite. Jim’s book Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse is what got me into prepping. I think it is safe to say that he is one of the most influential survivalists out there.

Survival Websites

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