Hidden Door-Secret Room-Emergency Plan

Hidden Rooms: 4 Reasons to Include a Secret Room in Your Emergency Plan

This article, Hidden Rooms – 4 Reasons to Include a Secret Room in Your Emergency Plan, was written by Susie Bafico. See below for bio.

4 Reasons to Include a Secret Room in Your Emergency Plan

At the core of every great emergency plan is a multitude of contingencies. You want to be prepared for a variety of situations and be able to act quickly. That’s why installing a hidden door is a great way to prepare for an emergency. This secret door, disguised as a wall or a bookshelf, leads to a secret room that serves as your central point of preparation. When it comes to a secret room and installing a hidden door you can select a location that doesn’t hint at any extra square footage, and you can customize it to blend seamlessly with the room. Here are several reasons you want a secret room as part of your emergency plan.

1. Store Food Rations and Bulk Supplies

In a house full of people, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep certain food items separate from the usual consumption. Utilize your hidden room as a safe space to store up all your emergency supplies. Not only will they be out of sight, but you have more surface area to work with. Store large amounts of water or food here with ease. Of course, you can install hidden doors for large closets as well, if you strictly want your secret room to be for storage and not occupancy. Clothes, survival equipment, food, and more can all be stored safely behind your hidden door.

2. Creating a Safe Space

Hidden Door-Secret Room-Emergency Plan
If you’re in an emergency situation, having a secret room offers ultimate security. Whether it’s functioning as a panic room, in the case of an intruder, or a central point to keep your family safe during a disaster, your hidden room has a variety of functions. Hidden doors can be a DIY project you install on your own, which means that your secret room really will be only known to you and whoever else you inform. Having a secure, and hidden room in an emergency is very important, and you’ll have everything you need in one place with your food supplies and other necessities.

3. Add Maximum Security

Installing a hidden door means that no one will know about its existence, but if you want to add some extra security you can also install locks. For outside locks, you’d have to do a little camouflage work, but interior locks are simple and practical. In many cases, depending on how high-tech you want to get, you can install remote control or electronic locks. This way there is less to worry about when you need to secure your secret room quickly.

4. Multiple Hidden Points of Access or Exits

What if your hidden door led to a secret room… with another hidden door? This serves a different kind of safety purpose. While you want a secure room and locking capabilities, you might also want an alternate route for an exit. Whether it’s due to escaping a dangerous situation or just to make a quicker exit from the house instead of returning through the main area, adding a secondary hidden door could be beneficial. You can even store “grab and go” style bags that have all the essentials you need if you have to leave for whatever reason. Additionally, if you have a basement or crawlspace to conceal, you can take advantage of that extra space with a hidden trap door in the floor. If you construct it carefully, no one will be the wiser to the location of your trap door, either covered expertly or made to feel just as firm as the rest of your flooring.

When it comes to creating a secret room in your home, the options are endless! You can create the kind of hidden room that best fits your needs, whether to prepare for emergencies as a panic room or a storage center for necessities.

Susie Bafico - Hidden Doors - Secret Room Emergency Plan

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