Survival Gear - Shotgun Maintenance Tips

Survival Gear: Shotgun Maintenance Tips

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Survival Gear: Shotgun Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance and cleaning are a necessary part of any gun’s upkeep. There are many different types of shotguns, and it is important that you understand what type of ammo is best used with your type of shotgun. For any tool to work properly it must be maintained. Shotguns must not only be maintained, but also they must be cleaned after every use. Maintenance is not just about keeping the shotgun in repair when it is being used, but also when it is being stored.

Not a cross hair out of place

Survival Gear - Shotgun Maintenance Tips

Wet patches are used to clean the bore of a shotgun. A good quality bore solvent is used on the patches, to help remove residue. This is followed by the use of a bronze brush designed for bore cleaning. Different guns need different brushes so make sure that you have the right bore brush for your shotgun. When you clean your bore with the proper brush all of the bristles work in unison to clean. If you were to use a bore brush that was too small, it would clean in streaks and leave behind residue. The idea is to make sure that the bore is clean in a uniform manner, so that build up does not interfere with the release of shot when the shotgun is fired. Once the bore is wet cleaned, use a couple of dry patches to swab the inside of the bore. When the patches come away clean, then your bore cleaning chore is complete.

Storage Wars: Fighting the battle of the elements

Guns need to be stored in a case that helps to keep the elements at bay. Oxygen is one of the leading factors in the formation of rust, and it can also impact the quality of your shotgun’s o-rings, which can dry out and crack over time. Use the Apple o-ring size chart to figure out which size o-ring you need. Make sure the o-rings are in good shape as you perform any maintenance on your shotgun. Graphite coating o-rings can help prolong the life of the shotguns o-ring.

Buckshot bravado

Guns have been an important part of our heritage. Many guns are handed down from one family member to another. In 2008, Christie’s auction house represented a pair of gold inlaid 12-bore shotguns were valued between $320,000 and $400,000. The value of these shotguns no doubt was edged up by the gold inlay, but still, they represent the best of the best. Well maintained guns last and provide value to whomever owns them.

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